MXC - degradable plant straw

The factory has 2 self researched laser production lines, 2 laser logo carving equipment, and 60million kinds of plant suction pipes annually.

Plant straws are selected and treated with high temperature sterilization, such as peeling, polishing, classification, cutting, fine treatment, film removal, cooking and other high-temperature sterilization treatment, without PLA. It can replace plastic straw and paper straw, and can be used repeatedly.

Specification of degradable straws

Size options, coffee, drinks can choose a small diameter straw; drink granular drinks can choose a large diameter straw; everything.

Length specification

15cm-22cm, in line with the habitual experience length from breakfast to drinks.

Diameter specification

Inner diameter: 4mm-12mm, both drinks and breakfast porridge can be handled calmly.

Demand customization

Flat mouth, oblique mouth, lengthening, thickening, carving logo

What usage scenarios are suitable for?

Home life

Care for family health, easy to carry, store, no sharp, good kitchen utensils and household appliances.

Congee in restaurants

8-10 mm straws are suitable for drinking congee with granules.

Coffee drinks in cafes

Don't worry about PLA, don't worry about taste, natural fragrance experience.

Shopping mall sales

High yield, natural, no PLA, degradable, popular for sale.

Finally, let me tell you about our straws advantages / keywords!

Pure natural plant production, no PLA, no additives, no synthetic agent, good production environment, laser cutting to ensure smooth incision without damage, suitable for purchasing degradable straw manufacturers. It can be called: Children's pregnant women's straws, environmental degradable straws, degradable Babao porridge straws, degradable soymilk straws, degradable juice straws, degradable black rice porridge straws, degradable bar straws, degradable coffee straws, degradable milk tea straws, degradable pumpkin gruel straws, degradable sugar water straws, and degradable pearl milk tea straws